How To Make Money Blogging In Less Than 30-Days

Saturday, May 6, 2017

How To Make Money Blogging: Insider Secrets You Should Know

Are you tired of reading the same old boring information on the Internet? Do you keep asking yourself, “Why don’t Internet writers update their content?” Well, did you know that writing up-to-date “how to” articles can help you become rich? The more knowledge you have about topics that people want to know more about, the more money you can earn online. If you enjoy writing articles as much as I do, then find a popular niche that you can intelligently write about.

Start out by writing a few paragraphs every day about a niche topic and post your up-to-date information online. Another niche topic that people enjoy reading is interesting stories about successful writers and how to avoid their pitfalls. Sharing your personal writing experiences with others, is a honest way to attract readers to your work. Especially, if they are looking for topics that are helpful and solves their problems. You could become the next goto person, when someone needs advice about a problem that they're having, and can’t seem to solve it on their own.

After I was laid off from work, I decided to pursue a freelance writing career, because I was tired of working for corporations with dead-end jobs. So, I used my free time to browse the Internet for employment opportunities. At that time, I was unaware of a hidden job market for Internet freelance writers. I discovered that online writing websites were desperately seeking talented writers to write articles for them. I decided to join and submit my articles to several online writing websites to make money online.

This is how I began my career as an Internet freelance writer. I didn't have any professional writing experience, or a resume to show potential employers. But, I was curious about the industry, and eager to find online writing gigs to make money. I was very excited about embarking on a new career as a freelance writer, and I told my friends and family about my career change. I also bragged about my newly found independence to other people too.

Every day, before I started writing an article about a topic that I wanted to write, I would search the Internet for up-to-date information, read magazines and printed books. I wrote articles approximately 4 hours per day, until I decided to write full-time. I enjoyed being my own boss, and deciding what I wanted to write about each day. As well as, work my own hours, whenever and wherever I happened to be during the daytime.

However, a writer's life can be very lonely at times. So, whenever I needed a change of pace from my daily work routine, I would hole up in coffee shops and libraries, or sit in small outdoor parks writing articles for hours, until I began to feel tired. Sitting amongst working people that were hunched over their laptops all day, gave me the confidence to pursue my writing career.

Looking back over the years, I've learned a lot from my writing experiences, and the biggest challenge that I have had to face was keeping my readers captivated. I write because I want to leave a gleam in my readers eyes, and help them to feel confident about making real money online. Helping people to succeed in life is a rewarding feeling and frankly, I don't think anyone should have to live in poverty.

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"How To Make Money Blogging: Insider Tips and Tricks That Can
Help You Make Money In Less Than 30-Days"


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